Basement Flood Protector offers battery backup sump pump systems, inverter sump pump systems, automatic generators, auxiliary sump pumps, water powered sump pumps and more. Need help with Basement Waterproofing products and services, sewer repair or window well covers? Basement Flood Protector can solve all your basement waterproofing problems! Products shipped nationwide, services for Chicagoland area.
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Battery Backup
Sump Pump Systems:

iControl Series

Protector iControl
Protector iControl X2

DataPump Series
Protector DataPump
Protector DataPump X2

Classic Series
Protector Black Label
Protector Red Label

Hybrid Series
Protector HybridPro
Protector HybridCore

What's the DIFFERENCE???

Other Backup Pumps:


Homeowners ask:
Why would I need a good quality backup pump at this house? At my last house the pump ran more often.

If you have a finished basement or anything of value stored in the basement you need a good backup pump system. Just because it seems your pump isn't very active doesn't mean you won't flood during a heavy storm or if your main pump fails. All basements can flood under the right circumstances and it's better to be safe than sorry.

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How do I know which backup system is right for my basement?
My sump pump runs a LOT. Can I fix this?
Is an automatic generator or the Protector iControl a better choice for flood prevention?

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