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Drainage Engineering

A basement that has a chronic flooding problem or often stresses the capacity of the sump pump may have an underlying drainage engineering issue. Our trained and experienced staff can assess your property's current drainage issues and engineer a solution that meets your basements needs. Below are examples of the most popular solutions.

Downspout & sump discharge drainage:
The drainage of your gutters and sump discharge can play a large role in a basement flooding situation. The water that discharges needs to be as far away from the foundation as possible. Let one of our trained and experienced staff members assess your drainage issues today! See "Premium Gravity Drains" below.

"French" drainage:
Sometimes french drains are part of the solution to help alleviate your basement flooding issue. French drainage is a fairly general term, but we describe a french drain as perforated pipe surrounded by filtering, washed and penetrable stone. You would use french drains surrounding a house to act as a "curtain" drain intercepting water as it moves toward the house, and redirecting it to a more desirable location. Our Protector DrainShield interior drain tile system could be considered a "french" drain. Often, when the slope does not allow for gravity alone to drain water away, a sump basin and sump pump is required.

Premium Gravity Drains:
We do gravity drains right! Most contractors will tear the yard up with a trenching machine and leave the area with a mound of dirt for the homeowner to deal with. NOT US. Notice the cut and folded sod, hand trenching onto plastic, carefully installed pipe, hand tamped back fill and sod, and almost perfectly clean work site. We charge more for this type of installation, but the savings in landscaping, etc. often make it less expensive overall.

Trench (or trough) Drains:
Sloping driveways, bottoms of stairwells, and sunken patios are the most common places you will find grated trough drains as illustrated in the "before, during, and after" pictures below. This customer used to experience flooding through the sliding patio doors into the family room during heavy rains. Basement Flood Protector designed this trough drain solution that solved the problem.

Spec Sheet

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