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Window Well Services

The window wells in your basement are often the most overlooked item in controlling a basement flooding problem. Flooded window wells usually occur because of poor grading, improper downspout discharge, or blocked window well drains. If the problem is not solved with improving grading and downspout drainage (at least 10' from house), then you might need window well drains or window well replacement. We offer complete basement flood control services including the management of your window wells. Below are 3 of the most common services.

Drain installations:
Drains within your window well are essential to move water out of the bottom of the window well.

Well replacement:
We can replace the window wells so that they are high enough, deep enough, one-piece, and tight to the foundation.
Pictures of typical well replacement:

B.O.C.A. code escape well installation:
This installation helps ensure your window wells are an acceptable escape method.

We also make custom-made window well covers

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